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Our Story

Helmets4Helmets started as an idea by these two young brothers, 8-year-old Brock & 6-year-old Bryson, as a way to give back to a nonprofit that has helped our family so much. 

In 2015, Bryson began his difficult journey with epilepsy. The seizures started out of the blue and quickly escalated to a terrifying level. He still currently has severe and uncontrolled epilepsy and even though he was having 9-100 grand mal, drops and absent seizures a day, his insurance company deemed a protective helmet unnecessary. 

Jack’s Helping Hand stepped in and immediately funded the helmet for Bryson. They also help pay for gas, food and lodging to take Bryson to many out-of-area doctor appointments.

Bryson's helmet saves his life when he falls. As a family, the Thompson's talked about how they could give back. That's when these two brothers decided they were going  to ask all of their NFL buddies – and find ways to reach teams they don’t know – to get items autographed and donated to auction off for Jack's Helping Hand.

Working hard, Brock and Bryson decided to begin their own foundation. They have gathered dozens of autographed helmets, jerseys, footballs and basketballs. NFL teams, NBA teams and even country band Little Big Town have donated items to help these brothers out!

All proceeds from the auction will go to help more kids like Bryson, who need protective medical equipment. Will you help Brock and Bryson do something amazing?


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If you don't see anything in our auction you would like to bid on, you can still help us with our mission! Through your gift, Helmets4Helmets will be able to help more kids who need medical treatment and equipment.

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How our fundraiser began

This is the video Bryson and Brock recorded to ask for auction items. Thank you to the athletes who saw this video, donated items and are helping us spread the word!